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About Us

Tiffany Yew

Real-Estate Specialist

CEA Reg. No: R024551A

With more than 16 years of experience, Tiffany is committed to providing sincere and efficient service for your home buying, selling and leasing needs.

A staunch believer in wealth accumulation via asset progression, she hopes to empower her clients to discover the thriving value of real estate by imparting her expert knowledge. Tiffany prioritises authenticity in client relationships and makes sure to cater each experience to her clients’ specific needs and interests.

With her fervent passion in real estate and exceptional work ethic, Tiffany strives to attend to your needs with diligence and outstanding client service. 

Jay Chen

Property Enthusiast

CEA Reg. No: R040589F

With years of experience and prestigious awards, rest assured that Jay will be able to find or sell the home that meets your needs and desires.

Having a profound understanding of the dynamic property market, Jay is an advocate for finding greater opportunities than one’s current assets. Driven by a priority of serving clients with integrity and sincerity, he can help you realise your financial potential and achieve much more than a one-time buying or selling trade.

Jay is highly experienced in portfolio management and restructuring and he has managed to help his clients accomplish their goals and beyond.

Our Assets
Progression Journey

Tiffany’s investment portfolio is extremely impressive despite her young age, and it is through her personal successes that she is able to similarly pave the way for her clients toward their desired goals.

Wealth accumulation via asset accumulation is a key tenet that drives Tiffany’s mission, motivating her to stay up to date with market trends and allow clients to be privy to the latest facts and figures for a smarter choice.

If you are ready to see what your property can do for you, Tiffany will be your best guide with the efficient modern and digital techniques she has mastered in her many years of expertise. Whether you’re thinking of selling, buying or leasing, she’s got you covered.

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It's only a dream till you take ACTION

Realise your financial potential with us.

Realise your financial potential with us.

It's only a dream till you take ACTION

Realise Your Financial Potential With Us

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